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Internal Audit Team

Internal Auditor

  • Grzegorz Krzeski
  • Floor V, room 528
  • phone: +48 95 711 52 56

Senior Specialist

  • Joanna Rutkowska
  • Floor V, room 528
  • phone: +48 95 711 52 57

The Internal Audit Team assesses and examines the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal inspection system, risk management and the quality of tasks in progress, in particular:

  • inspection of the established internal control mechanisms as well as credibility and reliability of operational, management and financial information
  • assessment of procedures and practice of preparing, classifying and presenting financial information
  • assessment of obeying the rules of law, internal regulations of the Office, programs, strategies and standards established by the competent organs
  • assessment of the Office’s property protection
  • assessment of the effectiveness and thrift of using the Office’s resources
  • control of the programs and projects in order to determine the conformity of the Office’s functioning with planned results and aims
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