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Budget and Analyses Unit

Person in charge of analyses and Province Governor’s budget

  • Małgorzata Ratajczak
  • Floor VIII, room 806
  • phone: +48 95 711 53 88

Person in charge of investments and Province Governor’s budget

  • Agnieszka Urbańska
  • Floor VIII, room 809
  • phone: +48 95 711 53 91

Person in charge of Province Governor’s budget

  • Agata Sobiesiak - Caban
  • Floor VIII, room 807
  • phone: +48 95 711 53 89


  • Preparing a draft of Province Governor’s budget, including revenue and expenditure;
  • Preparing budget execution system divided into sections, chapters and paragraphs of classification of revenue and expenditure;
  • Dividing the revenue and expenditure into individual organizational units within the Province Governor’s budget, restricted grants and revenue of local government units;
  • Passing information about the final sum of revenue and expenditure to units subordinate to the Province Governor, which are included in the budget execution system;
  • Preparing drafts of orders concerning changes to Province Governor’s budget as a result of changes in the division of general reserve and specific reserve, including expenditure for financing programmes and projects from EU funds;
  • Preparing periodical assessments of the realization of subject tasks and revenue and expenditure by supervised organizational unit in charge of executing the budget
  • Keeping a register of revenue and expenditure in accordance with the valid budget classification and a collective register of Province Governor’s budget and tasks ordered to self-governments.
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